Monthly Service


Our Monthly Service is an ideal solution for pet owners who have fewer pets or smaller outdoor spaces.


Monthly Dog Waste Removal Service: Minimal Disruption, Maximum Cleanliness

Our Monthly Service is an ideal solution for pet owners who have fewer pets or smaller outdoor spaces. This plan offers a thorough cleanup once a month, ensuring your yard remains tidy and hygienic with minimal interference in your daily routine.

Tailored for Lighter Needs: If your yard doesn’t accumulate waste quickly due to having fewer pets, our monthly cleanup is perfectly suited to your needs. This service keeps your outdoor area in excellent condition without the need for more frequent visits.

Comprehensive Monthly Cleanups: Once a month, our expert team will perform a detailed sweep of your yard, removing all traces of pet waste. This thorough cleaning not only keeps your space looking great but also maintains its sanitation, protecting your pets and family from potential health risks.

Unobtrusive and Convenient: We value your comfort and strive to provide services that fit seamlessly into your life. Our monthly visits are designed to be quick and efficient, ensuring a clean yard with hardly any disruption to your regular activities.

Reliable, Quality Service: No matter which plan you choose, Poo PI is committed to delivering dependable and high-quality service. We aim to make your life easier and ensure that your yard is a clean, safe, and enjoyable place for everyone.

Opt for our Monthly Dog Waste Removal Service if you’re looking for an effective, low-maintenance solution to keep your yard clean and hygienic. Let Poo PI handle the cleanup so you can relax and enjoy a pristine outdoor space with peace of mind.

# of Dogs

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Property Size

.5 acres, 1 acre, 1.5 acres, 2 acres, 2.5 acres, 3 acres, 3.5 Acres


Normal, Excessive


Normal, Steep


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